Kubanychbek Zholdoshev the gold concentrate of Kyrgyzstan which is "Flowing away" to China

As it became known, the developer of the Taldy-Bulak Levoberezhny – the entity of Altynken – exported 1170 tons of a gold concentrate to China.

State authorities have given permission for the export of the first batch, and then the Chinese company requested permission to export the second batch weighing 1800 tons.

This was stated by the plenipotentiary representative of the government in Chuy Region Baktybek Kudaybergenov, having asked a legitimate question why, despite the presence in Kyrgyzstan of gold-extracting plant, the concentrate is exported from the country? The envoy appealed to the law enforcement agencies with the proposal to investigate the fact of export of concentrate from the country. State representatives thus rolled over the responsibility on each other.

Plenipotentiary of the Government in the Chui region Bakytbek Kudaibergenov in the course of inspection activities in the field of Taldy-Bulak Levoberezhny questioned why the gold concentrate is exported to China and is purified there. It is known that the company "Altynken" built gold factory in Kemin village of Orlovka. According to Baktybek Kudaibergenov, gold concentrate export to China causes suspicion.

The envoy reported that he appealed to law enforcement agencies to make investigation:

- The gold-extracting factory on all standards was constructed. It is strange that cleaning is carried out not at this factory, and takes out to China. There is a question whether this entity will bring benefit to the state or not? The relevant state agencies shall control it. Authorities gave the export permit of the first batch. Now the company strives to export the second batch.

The reconnoitered gold reserves of the field Taldy-Bulak Levoberezhny located in Kemin district of Chuy Region constitutes more than 77 tons of gold. The company was founded in 2006.

The representative of the Chinese company "Zijin" through the Suberb Pasifik limited company in 2011 acquired 60% of shares of the entity of “Altynken”. The remaining 40% belong to state enterprise "Kyrgyzaltyn". The Chinese side promised to invest 188 million yuans of investments into mining. The gold-extracting factory was started last year. But the company produced only the initial samples, and exported 1170 tons of a gold concentrate to China. Only recently it became known that this batch of a concentrate underwent cleaning there.

The deputy head of the Committee on Geology, Mineral Resources and Industry Azis Saparaliyev stopped on an approval procedure:

- Permission to transportation through border of a gold concentrate issues not our department on geology. Permission issues Ministry of Economics therefore questions of this nature should be directed to them. We can`t tell that there is no illegal export (by means of false legitimation) of a gold concentrate. This requires parliament to legally impose and introduce a provision prohibiting the border crossing of the gold concentrate. Only then there will be a control.

Previously, according to the position of the functional responsibilities of state agencies, the function of the authorization for the export of gold concentrate abroad was at the Ministry of Economy. Also they had to consent to the Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources and the Ministry of Finance. However, as long as it remains unknown who will be primarily responsible for the issuance of an export permit in the party of the gold concentrate weighing 1176 tons. Deputy Minister of Economy Azamat Tumenbaev, in turn, passed responsibility to the agency:

The deputy minister of economy Azamat Tumenbayev, in turn, transshipped responsibility on the agency:

- On the matter the Committee on geology to which has recently been added the authority can give comments. We had a function of management of natural resources earlier, but, according to new structure of the government, this function has been transferred to the Committee. You should contact them. How do I know, we have no factory which would conform to standards of cleaning therefore the concentrate is taken out to China or Kazakhstan and is carried out cleaning there.

Recently, gold mining company asked for the export permit of a gold concentrate in amount of 1800 tons. Deputy director of the company "Altynken" Weng Yafen explained that the reason for export concentration in China is the lack of quality treatment in local conditions. Tile this time, the entity of "Altynken" officially produced 600 kilograms of gold. It was noted that another 200 kilograms of gold will be produced until the end of the year. At the current prices, the cost of 800 kilograms of gold constitutes 35 million dollars.

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