BIG helps mining industry MNEs make critical decisions about corporate strategy, performance improvement, organization, and mergers and acquisitions. 
Our services expand to advising clients in a range of businesses from geology (geological survey, expedition, production) to smelting, refining, trading and semi-manufacturing. 
Integrated approach of our experience ranges life of a mine starting from acquisition and financing to expansion and disposal. Also, we are pride of having solid and comprehensive understanding of the sector challenges from legislative perspective to practical solutions. This means that BIG faces issues and finds solutions that arise in a wide variety of industry transactions. 
We target to find commercially beneficial solutions for local businesses, investors and other stakeholders in complex legal and regulatory regimes of the industry.


Energy is a key sector of every economy and it is quickly changing industrial sector. It plays a vital role not only from Kyrgyz Republic perspective but Central Asian regional level. 
The sectors’ stakeholders (governments, private sector and indigenous people) have been facing most complex and challenging decisions for reaching nations prosperity. Rising demand, stable security of supply, obsolete energy fixed assets are the hot topics on the table of discussions of most governments. All these have long term and great influence on energy back up and healthy environment. 
BIG’s consultants advices clients on questions related to power generation, utilities, transmission, distribution and climate change. Our services include the whole chain of the business processes beginning from planning, financing, construction and operation.


Beyond Investment Group LLC has extensive experience in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) market of Central Asian Region and especially Kyrgyz Republic. We have conducted a number of researches in the field of WiMAX, PayTV, 3G and 4G technologies over the period of last 10 years. As of today, our services include certification of telecom / IT equipment (type certification), development of business plans and financial models for greenfield operators and various types of market research for existing players on the ICT market.


The Kyrgyz Republic’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union presents a plethora of opportunities for the agricultural industry of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as the new complex economic realm. Achieving efficacy and higher efficiency by agricultural businesses is becoming increasingly crucial in order to take advantage of that opportunity.
Today, companies and investors face the challenge of successfully integrating the economic and political trends, regulatory framework, specific industrial features, and technological advances to develop their own growth strategy. Our specialists provide a wide range of services for the whole agricultural supply chain, such as regulatory framework analysis, growth and optimization strategies, customer and marketing strategies, effective agricultural practice, compliance with Health, Safety and Environment standards, sustainability, mergers and acquisitions advisory, corporate finance, restructuring, and tax services. We seek to support businesses at any stage of their life cycle whether it is market entry or expansion to a multinational environment. 
BIG draws on its expertise to ensure provision of tailored and comprehensive advice in accordance with the goals and objectives of the businesses. We follow problem-solving approach in order to furnish solutions that would be relevant to the modern economic reality.